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RAYZN' FISH Folklure

The RAYZN’ FISH story begins in the late 1960’s - at a bungalow just beyond Indian River Inlet’s North Shore yacht basin. Back then, Lower Delaware was just a string of small, sleepy beach towns...oozing with the potential to become the premiere American beach resort it is today.

This bungalow is where I fell in love with the Indian River Inlet and all that she has to offer. It’s the first place I felt salt water in my hair, seaweed on my feet, and fish scales on my hands. This is where I learned how to fish...This bungalow was a special place....


This bungalow was my PopPop’s place.

I’ll never forget the time I went out fishing with him and my father on his 18’ wooden boat, ‘Peaches’. We spent more time untangling fishing lines than we did fishing that day, and the longer my line was out of the water the more I noticed the boat rocking back and forth.


Just before we hit the two hour mark out on the water I turned to my Pop-Pop and said,

“I lost my hot dog.”

Yup, I was seasick – and to this day I blame it on those damn tangled fishing lines.

Over the last few decades I’ve fished the waters north, south, east and west of the Indian River Inlet, mastering a variety of fishing techniques along the way.

I’ve transitioned from Grandson to PopPop.

And I've chartered many tangle free fishing trips with the crew of the Fishin’ Magician – my two sons, Stephen and Raymond – and my grandsons, Tyler and Zach (neither one of which have lost their hot dogs).

Fast forward to today – and it’s time to start writing the next chapter of the RAYZN’ FISH story. In this chapter, I’d like to share my best kept fishing secrets with you here at

These secrets are the very best fishing products available on the market at prices that can’t be beat.

Go take a look around so that you can start RAYZN’ FISH!

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