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The RAYZN' Rig is the only tangle free, tandem wide gap hook rig on the market. Perfected over decades of trial and error, the Rayzn' Rig's proprietary design maximizes your odds of landing that keeper flounder and guarantees a hassle, and tangle free fishing experience.


Spend more time catching and less time untangling with the RAYZN' Rig. It's the best damn flounder rig you've never fished with - we guarantee it.

The RAYZN' Rig

  • The RAYZN' Rig Advantage

    - Proprietary Design: Tangle free fishing


    - 36'' Ultra-Soft Monofilament Fishing Line: Exceptional feel, never miss a bite


    - Hand-Tied, Widegap Offset Hooks: Set the hook correctly, every time


    - Authentic Whitetail Deer Hair: Less stiff, more action compared to synthetic tails


    - Hammered Spinner Blades: Accurately replicates the 'flash' of baitfish scales


    - 'Scent Free' Manufacturing Process: The only scent Flounder will pickup is the bait on your hook

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